This training has made us more aware of people's emotional needs and equips us to provide those needs as well as their physical needs.

Mike Ogle - Convoy of Hope

Because of this training we were able to provide CISM Debriefings to over 200 first responders after the shooting. We continue to train with K-LOVE CRC

Amanda Walsmith - President, Borderland 100 Club El Paso, TX

The day after the shooting in Sutherland Springs, TX we began doing defusings with the responders. This training is a blessing.

Anthony Jimenez - Fire Chaplain, District 7 San Antonio, TX

“Wow! This was a super-educational course. The timing of this class couldn’t have been better. It was motivational personally and professionally. The course material presented was excellent and I realized how beneficial this course will be for our entire CISM team. Thank You!

Laura Saavedra - Houston, TX

These were great classes and very informative. The instructors gave personal, real-world examples of how to use CISM techniques!

J.C. Madison, Nevada Hwy Patrol

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Response and Recovery in Crises and Crisis Management

Ron Day M.A., DEM

In most cases the average individual has never considered how the responsibilities of public, private and nonprofit sectors differ when it comes to emergency response and recovery.  During one’s career there will be ample opportunity to learn a great deal about how different agencies and areas of response work together and how those relationships are supposed to work and how they may not work.

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PTSD Can Attack Years Later

Allen R. Kates, MFAW, BCECR

Can you develop Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) months or even years after a traumatic event like 9/11?  Without having shown any previous symptoms?  Studies of World War II veterans and victims of motor vehicle accidents say Yes.

This phenomenon is called "delayed onset PTSD," according to the therapist's diagnostic bible known as the DSM-IV-TR. It states that symptoms first appear at least six months after the traumatic event. That could mean months or even years later. 

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True Blue

Dr.Tina S. Brookes

Shortly after the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center, I supported Law Enforcement posted at the barricades around the perimeter of Ground Zero. I walked around the entire perimeter...

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The K-LOVE Crisis Response Training (CRT) is about impacting community through Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training and helping to create a network of first responders within the community that will be useful in a time of need or disaster. 

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