Managing Personal Relationships in Crisis

  • Course Description:

    Critical events, disasters, death, trauma – they shatter our lives and we feel the emotional impact in every part of our life. While we attempt to cope and adjust, we also feel the impact on our relationships. Whether the relationship was healthy or “in trouble” before the crisis, the relationship seems fragile now. Heightened arousal, physical and emotional fatigue, multi-dimensional grief, and other complicating factors make managing relationships in crisis seemingly impossible.

    Understanding stress reactions that result from trauma and critical events is a starting point to understanding why relationships suffer. Recognizing signs and symptoms of relationship crisis helps reduce the risk of damaged relationships. Awareness of how depression affects relationships also helps manage the relationship crisis.

    When relationships are damaged or even broken, there’s hope for healing, repair, or resolving the issues that cause the difficulty. Many seek personal restoration of relationships, and others will seek restoration of family and even professional relationships. Awareness, assessment, preparation, and implementation of relationship theory, principles, and practice will help manage relationships in crisis.

    What you will learn:

           How relationship are impacted during crisis and the needs that emerge

    • Learn the interrelatedness of individuals and how they react during crisis
    • Learn how trust is damaged and can be restored during crisis
    • Learn how distress causes emotional fear dancing during crisis
    • Learn to communicate more effectively for understanding during crisis
    • How to respond to conflict during crisis
    • How to deal with angry people during crisis
    • How and why to confront during crisis
    • How to maintain, build, or restore resilient relationship during crisis