Bring CRT to Your City!

  • Now booking for 2020!

    Welcome! If your reading this, then you would like to bring Crisis Response Care training to your city.

    We receive hundreds of requests for training a year. While we would love to be able to host in every city that is not feasible. So, in order to help you out I want to share some details with you...

    Here are a few things to know before you start. (Things we are looking for to best use our resources and donor funds)

    1. This is a partnership - This training is community focused (community helping community). The more solid contacts that you have in the community the better! We strive to connect community members together whether first responders or general community. We heal in community.

    2. Venue - The venue is critical to training. Even though we offer these trainings for free we do not present a low-quality training! Because we are donor funded we look for venues that are donated. But fear not the venue also receives much in return! These training can bring anywhere from 50-250 people per event, our cost is an average of thousands of dollars per training, the venue receives free advertising through our on-air announcements of the training (on K-LOVE Radio – a national broadcast radio network) and the venue places itself in a position to team up with its community to help in times of need.

    3. Interest – Because of the number of requests that we get, and the cost associated with each training we do require at least 40 people minimum per class in order to move forward with the training. 

    4. Photos – You will be asked specific questions about the venue (including technical & sound requirements) as well as asked for pictures of the venue and room we will be using. Please have those ready to submit when you submit your request. 

    5. Classes – We do a minimum of 3 days of training up to 4 days. The combinations of classes will vary as will the instructors based on availability. 

    While this sounds like a lot of work – and we appreciate all your work! - the logistics for each event are very detailed. We are based in California and we rely heavily on our contacts and the community to help rally participation.

    Excellence is key. We believe in this CRT training and we believe in the men and women that give their time and of themselves to train. We believe in you!

    **Note** Criteria for choosing a city:

      1. At least 50 students with interest.  2. Training Classroom Requirements.

    Today's Date:                                                  

    Your name:                                   

    Your organization/agency:  

    Your occupation:                        

    Email Address:                          

     Requested City:   Requested State:  

    Classes interested in:   















    Preferred dates of training:  

    *Venue must fit within CRC criteria – Requirements 

    Potential venue:                 

    Name & Number of Contact Person for Potential Venue 

    Are you able to personally help with on the ground promotion? (i.e. contacting/providing contact to local first responder groups, etc)  Y/N 

    Additional information that would be helpful in determining training potential: